A Leader In The Local Oil And Gas Industry In Trinidad And Tobago

Land Operations

Our most recent activity in land operations

Our recent activity as at October 2015 is as follows:

WSPCL Rig 27,000GD 5502 Nat 9P100700LandLease Operators Ltd.
WSPCL Rig 49,500GD 5502 Nat 9P100700LandPetrotrin
WSPCL Rig 205,000Cabot 5502 Nat 8P80550LandLease Operators Ltd.
WSPCL Rig 6016,000Cabot 1500E2 Oilwell 1700PT4,500Land
WSPCL Rig 704,000Cabot 3502 Nat 8P80550LandGoudron E & P Ltd.