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Drilling School

In January 1985, Well Services Limited (now known as Well Services Petroleum Company Limited) started a Drilling School utilizing Audio-visual training aids and a Digitran R3 Rig Floor Simulator which was installed in April, 1986. This was replaced in September 1994 with a CS Inc. Model DS-20 FS/WS Rig Floor Simulator.

Training in all aspects of Drilling Technology is possible where well conditions are simulated in the classroom, and students can be shown causes, effects and solutions to well problems.

The Rig Floor Simulator consists of six panels:

  1. Driller’s Console
  2. Choke Control Panel
  3. O.P control Panel
  4. Standpipe Manifold
  5. Choke Manifold
  6. Computer Control/Keyboard

The simulator is capable of simulating a wide range of drilling, Well Control and workover problems which include multiple gas, oil and saltwater kicks.

With the use of the Rif Floor Simulator, several problems such as Well Control operations, Drilling, Tripping, Key Seating, Wash Out Jets, Bit Bearing Failure, Wash Out Choke, Plugged Choke, Drill String Twist Off, Drill String Washout, failure of any B.O.P. in the stack, etc. can be taught.

The Mud System consists of Pumps, tanks, Pit and Flow Monitors including alarms, pressure gauges and drilling fluids. A multiplier switch is installed to enable the student to complete any exercise in the shortest possible time. Bit parameters, the type of kick, formation drillability and formation fracture gradients can all be modified from the computer keyboard.

With these facilities, training of the entire rig crew from roustabout up to Toolpusher and Drilling Superintendent can be accomplished.

The school maintains a Resource Library on material which covers a broad range of topics from B.O.P. components, drilling fluids, Well Control, Safety, Equipment Operations, and Maintenance to specialized drilling operations, which are used for the on the job training.