A Leader In The Local Oil And Gas Industry In Trinidad And Tobago

Our History


Workovers for Texaco Trinidad Inc.


Drilling and Workovers for Texaco


Drilling and Workovers for Texaco, Tesoro


Drilling and Workovers for Texaco, Tesoro and Shell Trinidad


Continued land drilling operations and entered the offshore business with Tesoro, drilling slant holes offshore, Galeota on their “TrinTes A, B, C and D” platforms.


Land operations continued throughout the decade in addition to offshore platform drilling for Trinmar Ltd. in the Gulf-of-Paria.


Well Services took a giant step forward in offshore drilling by forming a joint venture company called Nealwell Drilling Ltd.

Nealwell Drilling Ltd. purchased two (2) Jack-up Drilling barges in 1986. Well Services functioned as the operator partner in this venture, and successfully performed drilling for Trinmar Limited using one of the jack-up rigs ‘Nealwell II’. During this time in excess of fifty Wells were drilled.

A subsequent slump in the industry resulted in the drilling barges being sold off.


In 1985 Nealwell Drilling Ltd. together with Reading and Bates Drilling Company of Houston, Texas, formed a Partnership called Trindrill which operated an offshore drilling contract with Amoco Trinidad Oil Company from August, 1985 to September, 1991, using Reading and Bates 300 feet Jack-Up rig “George H. Galloway”. Whilst the management of this contract was vested with the foreign partner, it is important to note that Well Services provided most of the rig drilling personnel for this operation together with the Drilling Superintendent and the General Manager – the latter position held by Charles A. Brash.

In December, 1991 this rig drilled an exploration Well for Mobil Trinidad Ltd. off the South coast of Trinidad, and later resumed work with Amoco. In the third quarter of 1992, the rig worked for a Venezuelan corporation Lagoven and returned to the Gulf-of-Mexico.

With the assistance of Reading & Bates Drilling Company of Houston, Texas, a drilling school was established during 1985, and is in existence at the present time, certifying rig and supervisory personnel using Rig Floor Simulator equipment. The School is IADC Well Cap accredited.


Well Services was awarded a five year drilling/workover contract with Amoco Trinidad Oil Company to provide a Modular rig for its offshore operations in Trinidad. This prompted the incorporation of Well Services (Marine) Ltd.

A state of the art 18,000 ft. Diesel electric platform rig, “Marine 1”, was built. This rig incorporated three 1600 HP Triplex Mud Pumps and was powered by 4-Caterpillar G-3516 GE generators totalling 4,500 KW of power Varco ISDI Top Drive provider. A special feature is its ability to move between Platforms with its own cranes, using supply boats, in a maximum of six days. Well depths programmed for this rig range from 8,000 ft. to 16,000 ft.


Well Services was awarded a Lease Operatorship block by Trintopec (formerly Tesoro) which gave birth to Lease Operators Ltd., which averages a monthly production of 100,000 bbls. of oil.


Well Services purchased a self-propelled jack-up workover vessel, “Marine 2” to operate a minimum three year contract with Trinmar Ltd. This vessel is capable of operating in water depths of 100 ft. and working over Wells to 16,000 ft. with 2-7/8” tubing.


Well Services was awarded a minimum three year contract with Amoco Trinidad Oil Company to provide another modular rig to drill oil and gas Wells on its Immortelle platform starting September, 1993. This diesel electric rig, “Marine 3” was similar in design and construction to “Marine 1”, and included a 3,000 HP Drawworks, and powered by 5-Caterpillar G35l6 Gensets and 2-Caterpillar D399TA GE generators with a total power of 8,000 HP.

Other equipment included 3 – 1,700 HP Triplex Mud Pumps, 1-37½” Rotary unit independently driven and 1 – 650-ton Varco TDS4S Top Drive. This rig pioneered horizontal drilling offshore Trinidad on the Immortelle platform.


Well Services was awarded a drilling Contract with Trinmar Ltd. for the supply of a Jack-up Mat supported Rig to commence drilling operations in July, 1996. For this project Well Services formed a joint venture association with Southwestern Offshore Corporation of Houston, Texas, which was later acquired by Cliffs Drilling Company of Houston.

In December 1997, we sold our offshore assets and operations to Cliffs Drilling to concentrate on land drilling and oil production operations in Trinidad.


We resumed offshore operations with Trimnar Ltd. on a five year contract with our platform workover rig, “WSPCL Rig 20”.


Purchased and upgraded the “WORKHORSE IV” Jack-up workover rig that has worked continuously for Trinmar up to the present time.


Designed, engineered and fabricated “WSPCL Rig 4”, the first medium sized drilling rig to be “made in Trinidad”. This rig has also worked continuously to the present time.

WSPCL purchased a 3,000 HP offshore modular rig to operate offshore Galeota for Repsol YPF.

“Well Services Rig 5”, the 3,000 HP, three 1600 HP pump modular rig went to work for Repsol YPF in their “Teak”, “Samaan” and “Poui” offshore fields in 2005/2006.


WPSCL purchased the “Hercules 110” offshore Jack-up drilling rig – 20,000 ft. rating. The “Rig 110” has been upgraded to drill for Trinmar on a long term basis.


Purchased and upgraded “WSPCL Rig 60”, a 16,000 ft. 1,500 HP electric land based drilling rig, and is awaiting a drilling contract.


The “Well Services Rig 110” went to work for Petrotrin-Trinmar on a three year drilling campaign. Purchased the “Hercules 152”, a mat supported Jack-up drilling rig.


The “Hercules 152” Jack-up drilling rig was mobilized to Trinidad.

This rig is now known as the “Well Services Rig 152” which completed its drydocking “special survey”, and is preparing to drill for independent producer – Trinity Exploration & Production Ltd.


Purchased “Well Services Rig 53” mat supported Jack-up drilling rig.


“Well Services Rig 53” modified for Suriname to drill nine (9) Exploration Wells for Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. on their “Near Shore Block 4”.

Purchased “Rig 54” Heavy Workover Mat Supported Jack-up Rig from NABORS – will mobilize to Trinidad in January, 2016.